B O N O B O - natural native cosmetics for a woman who knows her worth. 
Bonobo's mission is to provide natural, pure and as domestic native cosmetics as possible.  

Bonobo is self-made. The harvesting of plants from the wild, a careful processing and packaging are all equally important steps that allow us to bring to people a truly clean and healthy range of cosmetics.

Bonobo's inspiration originates from pristine elements. This is fresh and magical nature cosmetics for a woman who values ​​health, naturalness and a friendly relationship with their body. Bonobo products mix crystalline spring water with hand-picked plants. The whole preparation process is constantly inspected by experts.

Bonobo products are a fraction of the pristine, mystical and mysterious forest. A fraction of the intact virgin nature, a droplet of which you can find in each of our products. You can use them in satisfaction and knowing that you have taken care of your body in the freshest and healthiest way.